Stop in Lakewood for Some Group Ther-Happy

The fifth-annual Chautauqua Gran Fondo is set for Saturday, Aug. 24. Two of the routes circle Chautauqua Lake. On both of those courses, cyclists pass through Lakewood on the return trip to Mayville. One of the pit stops is at Group Ther-Happy on Chautauqua Avenue in Lakewood. This high-end pizza bar and tavern has outdoor patio seating and plenty of refreshments to make the last leg of the trip more enjoyable.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the 5th annual Chautauqua Gran Fondo,” said Michelle Turner and Mary Rapaport, co-owners of Group Ther-Happy, in a joint statement. “As we have both been involved since it’s inception, we are excited that our venue in the heart of Lakewood will be one of many rest stops for the riders this year.  We will have plenty of water and nourishment available for them as they make the last leg of their journey back to Webb’s in Mayville.  We encourage the community to come out and support this great event so that we can ensure its continued success of raising significant dollars for great local organizations!  And what a great way to showcase Chautauqua County.”

Webb's Captain's Table